International Dollhouse Show 2021

The upcoming edition of the International Dollshouse Show will be held on September 26, 2021 at the Novotel Paris Est hotel.

Registration is open.

Upon receipt of your reservation, a form will be sent to you with the necessary information to formalize your registration and in particular to confirm your participation in SIMP.

Register here

Table 1,50m  : 150€ (1 badge +1 chair included) – Paypal / Stripe fees not included

Table 2,00m : 200€ (2 badges +2 chairs included for one or more tables booked ) –  Paypal / Stripe fees not included  SOLD OUT

Extra Badge  : 15€  –  Paypal / Stripe fees not included

Invitation : 7 € – Entry from 10h30 – Processing fees offered

Ads in the show guide:

To promote the exhibition, the Organisers will organize various advertisements (leaflets, posters, newspapers adverts, web site, press file, etc.). Exhibitors are kindly invited to supply the Organisers one or more photos of their production, implicitly agreeing the utilisation to that effect.

Visitors will receive a full colour show guide (H21cm/L15cm – A5) describing the show and the work of the participants as it is described in the application form. If one wishes to include a specific advertisement the following price schedule should be referred to. Please indicate the letter for size and price on application form.

To publish your advertisement in the show guide of SIMP 2021, only five dimensions are possible.

•  A    Full screen format: 200 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)       Price: 75 € + 2.60 PayPal/ Stripe fees

•  B    Half-page format: 98 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)          Price: 42 €  + 1.61€ PayPal/ Stripe fees

•  C    Quarter page format: 98 mm (height) x 66.5 mm (width)     Price: 22 € + 1.02€ PayPal/ Stripe fees

•  D    Quarter size (2): 46.25 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)        Price: 22 € + 1.02€ PayPal/ Stripe fees

•  E    Eighth page format: 46.5 mm (height) x 66.5 mm (width)    Price: 12 € + 0.72€ PayPal/ Stripe fees

To send your files, please send them to us with an image resolution of 300 dpi (or high quality). Any lower resolution will affect the quality of your ad. Accepted file formats are: jpeg, pdf, eps, or png (no word file). Any file that does not take into account the dimension or file format criteria mentioned above will not be processed. If you wish your photo to be retouched by our graphic designer he will charge you the sum of 8.60€ per file. This amount should be added to your payment.

Please provide your ad to along with your registration.

Advertisement on the SIMP website:

A special section on the SIMP website will be dedicated to exhibitors participating in our Shows. Your personal page will be created where fans of miniatures and doll houses will find:

  • Your miniaturist story
  • Photo of your creations
  • Your contact details

Your information will remain online from January to December 2021 for 12.72 €

If you wish to reserve your personal page, please send us:

  • A text presenting your career as a miniaturist (in French, Spanish and English)
  • A photo of your creations in .png or .jpg format, .pdf possible (with cut lines) or .gif (in very high resolution), minimum 300 dpi (pixels / inches) and minimum 900x560px (length x width). Photos not meeting these criteria will not be processed.
  • Your contact details


Prepaid invitations tickets, allowing individual entry, are available at the price of 7€ each. Please indicate the number of invitations required and report the total cost in the space provided for in the contract.